BSA | The Software Alliance reveals its plans for 2024

BSA | The Software Alliance reveals its plans for 2024

The global industry group - whose members include Microsoft, IBM and Adobe - has outlined its agenda for tackling a range of IT related issues.

Published on 7th February 2024

After a year of learning about artificial intelligence on Capitol Hill, a global software industry group is telling lawmakers to take action.

BSA The Software Alliance, which represents giants including Microsoft and IBM, is calling on Congress to pass laws related to bias and discrimination risks of AI, according to its 2024 agenda.

BSA staff in recent weeks have been meeting with members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Senate Commerce Committee to discuss the path forward for AI and privacy.

BSA wants lawmakers to write legislation that requires impact assessments of high-risk AI use. Other items on the to-do list:

The group notes it will be a year of “digital transformation” as the adoption of AI modernizes agriculture, updates government IT, advances manufacturing and makes health care more accessible.

“BSA is urging policymakers to make this a year of action to support the responsible development and use of artificial intelligence,” BSA’s U.S. government relations vice president Craig Albright said in a statement.

“We will continue to work with lawmakers and be a loud voice calling for meaningful legislation.”

BSA from the jump has focused its Hill efforts on the intersection of AI and privacy, providing granular input on the AI provisions of E&C’s American Data Privacy and Protection Act.

It’s a strategy that recognizes the inextricable nature of the two tech issues and could help transcend Senate and House disagreements on what should be prioritized.

As much as BSA wishes for action this year, it’s a long shot given the elections and government funding fights sucking all the air out of the room. States and the White House are likely to continue paving the way on AI.

Meanwhile, BSA is also steadily applying pressure in the EU, where it has a permanent office and U.S. staff recently travelled.

AI is the foremost issue there as EU AI Act implementation gets underway. GDPR updates and the EU-U.S. data privacy framework were also on the agenda in recent meetings with officials.


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