Take part in our 2023 Advent competition

Take part in our 2023 Advent competition

Answer our 12 brainteasers throughout December before solving the final anagram for the chance to win our grand prize ahead of Christmas.

Published on 30th November 2023

Christmas is just around the corner; and to celebrate the festive season, we’re running an Advent competition in the lead up to the 25th – with the chance for one lucky entrant to take away the grand prize.

How to take part

From Monday 4th December to Tuesday 19th December, we’ll be including a brainteaser in one of the news articles, knowledge base guides or blog posts we add to the website and across our social media pages that day.

Find the brainteaser each day and solve it – the answer to each of them will be a letter of the alphabet. Combine all the letters from the twelve riddles to work out the festive SAM-related anagram. Get that right…and you’ll be in the draw.

Just send your answers in via the form below – but make sure to do it before the deadline closes at 17:00 on Thursday 21st December.

We’ll then notify and reveal the winner on Friday 22nd December.

What you can win

Our winner will receive a £50 Amazon voucher from SAM-ta Claus – perfect for those last minute Christmas purchases.

Best of luck – and Merry Christmas everyone!

The twelve clues

Day #1

The Oxford word of the year was announced by the Oxford English Dictionary today. What letter does it start with?

Day #2

Last month, it was a topsy turvy few days for Sam Altman - who was fired and then reinstated as CEO of a tech company within the space of 96 hours. What letter does the name of this firm begin with?

Day #3

IBM debuted their next-gen 133-qubit quantum processor this week, code name 'IBM Quantum Heron'. But what is the first letter of the previous bird-related code name that Heron beat the records of?

Day #4

In July, Meta introduced their new text-focused messaging app, targeting users who were migrating away from Twitter. What letter does the name of this app start with?

Day #5

In May, this Meta-owned messaging app announced that users would be able to edit their sent messages for the first time. What letter does this app begin with?

Day #6

In April, the salary for Google's CEO was reported to be $226 million - making him one of the highest paid CEOs in the USA. But what letter does his first name start with?

Day #7

In May, the latest prototype for Starship exploded as it attempted to land after a successful 90-minute orbital test flight. But what's the first letter of the Elon Musk owned company that develops Starship?

Day #8

Last month saw the first transatlantic flight by a large passenger plane powered only by alternative fuels. But what's the missing letter of the airport it landed at when it reached New York? J_K

Day #9

With the end of the year approaching, Spotify have got everyone talking with the personalised releases of their subscribers 2023 listening habits. But what letter does this feature of the app begin with?

Day #10

One company caused a stir earlier this year when they announced significant changes to the pricing and licensing structure of Java. But what letter does this firms name begin with?

Day #11

The top two leading cloud services providers both begin with the same letter, but what is it?

Day #12

What's the first letter of the number of 'ladies dancing' in The Twelve Days of Christmas?

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This competition is now closed.

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