One in ten workers spend over four hours a week dealing with document management issues, survey reveals

One in ten workers spend over four hours a week dealing with document management issues, survey reveals

The new report from Adobe highlights that poor digital organisation in the workplace leads to frustrated and less efficient employees. And find the teaser for day three of our Advent Competition.

Published on 6th December 2023

Advent Competition

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A survey from Adobe Acrobat found that many employees face daily struggles when it comes to locating and managing digital documents. 48 percent reported difficulty finding files quickly, while 39 percent said colleagues failed to follow organizational protocols. Misnamed files (37 percent) also make documents tough to access.

Overall, nearly half of the respondents (47 percent) felt their company’s digital systems are ineffective and complicated to use. This disorder not only fosters employee dissatisfaction but also hinders productivity. Workers waste time hunting down information instead of using it to drive progress.

Disorder directly detriments employee performance

Ineffective document management doesn’t just indirectly reduce productivity through wasted time and frustration. 71 percent of employees confirmed that scattered digital systems directly interfere with their ability to perform.

Nearly two-thirds have had to recreate files from scratch after failing to locate previous versions. Over 10 percent spend more than four hours per week searching for documents pre-pandemic.

And even when located outdated and redundant documents clutter systems. Almost half of respondents indicated their companies’ drives contain many irrelevant files. This inflation makes locating the right version even more difficult despite its presence in the system.

Regular digital cleanups crucial

Alongside strong systems and software, regularly “cleaning house” digitally also reduces complications. However, over 25 percent of surveyed employees reported their companies never conduct cleanups to keep drives organized.

Often it takes drastic measures to motivate action – 42 percent initiate cleanups only when storage caps are reached. However, implementing mandatory, routine digital hygiene protects productivity and morale before frustration builds.

The bottom line

Streamlined digital systems are imperative for the modern workforce. Employees at companies without robust organizations simply waste too much time to work efficiently. They also report lower job satisfaction due to unnecessary complications.

Implementing centralized document management tools empowers teams. Paired with regular digital cleanups, businesses can boost employee productivity, morale and efficiency.

Advent Competition: Day #3

Today's teaser is:

IBM debuted their next-gen 133-qubit quantum processor this week, code name 'IBM Quantum Heron'.

But what is the first letter of the previous bird-related code name that Heron beat the records of?

Check out tomorrow's article for the next teaser.


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