Get yourself a SAMplicity Tool Check for FREE this January

Get yourself a SAMplicity Tool Check for FREE this January

Worried that your SAM tool isn't working as well as it could? Take advantage of this limited time offer and get our team to check for you.

Published on 12th January 2024

Frustrated with Flexera? Irritated by Ivanti? Struggling with Snow? Xensam leaving you less than zen?

Sound familiar? Then we’ve got an offer for you as we’re giving away a free SAMplicity Tool Check to anyone who registers their interest by the end of January.

"A worker is only as good as their tools..."

According to Gartner, “only 25% of enterprises will be satisfied that their SAM tool purchases align well with pre-purchase expectations of value”. Many providers claim to have a tool that is a “silver bullet” in resolving a number of the most common SAM and ITAM challenges, but (for one reason or another) many companies are left dismayed by the effectiveness of their chosen solution.

Whether the frustrations take the form of poor estate coverage, reporting errors or a lack of user training, here at EasySAM we have seen (and helped to address) them all! We regularly hear from customers who are considering replacing their incumbent tool by looking to other providers within the market that could better satisfy their requirements.

...but help is just a few clicks away!

Whilst it can be natural to assume that the “grass may be greener” with an alternative tool, that’s not always the case. With our Tool Check service, we’ll  take a holistic approach to investigating your unique situation – all in the aim of efficiently addressing any performance issues and helping to get your tool objectives back on track.

If these challenges and concerns sound all too familiar, why not take advantage of our no-obligation review? This FREE (yes, free!) service will scrutinise the deployment of your current tool and help identify solutions to the areas of concern you have (and possibly some that you weren’t even aware of).

What can you expect from us?

Our team of analysts will leave no stone unturned as they take a look at:

Estate Coverage/Visibility

Get a true picture of how well your devices are being covered by your chosen tool(s).

Missing Key Datapoints

Including (but not limited to) blank entries for operating systems, makes, models and serial numbers.

Inactivity Investigation

Has a device not reported in for some time because it no longer exists, or is there a bigger problem that needs resolving?

Incorrect Media Deployment

Mistakes happen, but we'll be there to spot them and make sure they don't leave you vulnerable.

All of which will be delivered in an easy to comprehend set of reports. And don’t worry, there’ll be no hiding any of our findings behind a paywall – when we say free, we mean free!

After that? Well it’s up to you. This offer is a no obligation deal – so you can take our reports and run, or we can have a chat about how EasySAM might be able to help further – it’s entirely up to you.

What have you got to lose?

Interested? Get in touch below

Don’t delay – this offer is a New Year one; not an all year one. You’ve got until 31st January 2024 to register your interest.

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