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TBSC have been in the software business for years. With their experience, they have accumulated an understanding of Software Asset Management needs and developed products to better the SAM & SaaS strategy. Combined with they smarter products, thry ensure your SAM is quick, efficient, and cost effective.

From discovery, inventory, usage, and migration, TBSC have the smarter tools to get your business paying for the software you use and using the software you are paying for. They also encourage feedback and are continually looking forward at developing new products to better fit the ever-changing industry.

The devil is in the details

In choosing a method to measure usage efficiency you need to be able to identify each user and when and what elements of Microsoft 365 they are using. This gives you the granularity to be able to make specific decisions about improving the services and costs. In addition, you can identify the potential cost savings and enable you to rank them so that you focus on the most important first. Generally, 20% of the causes will deliver 80% of the savings.

TBSC's Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 enables you to recognise and manage the key factors for cost efficiencies. These factors include: lapsed users, users not using apps allocated to them, lack of training, or users being on the wrong subscription.

The platform gives you a fast way to identify lapsed users. With people continually leaving and joining organisations, there is a constant cycle of needing to cancel subscriptions and add new ones. If you don’t cancel the “leavers” quickly, then you will be wasting subscriptions.

Likewise, some users will not be using key facilities that their job requires them to use because they are using other services rather than those in Microsoft 365 e.g. they could be using Skype for Business but instead use an alternative service that is also being paid for. In such cases it makes sense to cancel the duplicate service and take measures to move to the more universal Microsoft 365 facility. Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 will provide you with this data.

Users may also be unable to use certain Microsoft 365 facilities because they have either not been trained or the service has not been provisioned. In such cases an action plan to remedy the situation can be developed for implementation and the users will become more effective in their daily work.

In some cases, users may simply be on the wrong level of subscription. They may be only sporadic users of Microsoft 365 and will never use all the facilities of the more advanced subscriptions. In such cases it is worth considering downgrading their subscription. Smarter SaaS for M365 will identify these users and offer recommendations.

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A great fit for any of these services

SAMplicity 365

A full appraisal of your Microsoft 365 setup and how best to optimise it through automated recommendations.

SAMplicity 365 Lite

A simple health check of what's being used across your Office 365 estate in this FREE, Microsoft backed and easy to setup review.

SAMplicity Cloud

An add-on to our SAMplicity One, MOT and Plus offerings, quickly diagnose your ability to migrate your resources to the cloud.

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