Introducing the Microsoft Intune product family

Introducing the Microsoft Intune product family

Today, Microsoft Intune grows into a product family for all things endpoint management at Microsoft.

Published on 12th October 2022

More than ever, we are noticing you, as IT leaders and administrators, embrace Microsoft Intune to power productive and secure work. In the last year, the number of Windows, Android, and iOS devices protected by Intune grew by 60%. More than 80% of new Windows 11 endpoints are cloud-managed from the start. Nearly 50% of Microsoft-managed endpoints are now cloud-connected, compared to less than 20% in 2020. Following your lead, we are updating our product naming to reflect this momentum.

Today, we’re announcing that Microsoft Intune will be the name of the growing product family for all things endpoint management at Microsoft. We are committed to continued investment in the core of Intune with enhancements to the features, performance, and Microsoft 365 integration you expect from us. Another critical part of our vision is building our suite of advanced endpoint management solutions in the cloud, all under the Intune product family. Configuration Manager will remain a key part of that family – and we will continue to meet you where you are with co-management capabilities that help you migrate workloads to the cloud. The name Microsoft Endpoint Manager will no longer be used. Going forward, we’ll refer to cloud management as Microsoft Intune and on-premises management as Microsoft Configuration Manager.

Microsoft Intune is our cloud-based unified endpoint management solution and has become a market leader – managing endpoints across Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and now Linux operating systems. Like all of Microsoft’s integrated security products, Intune is enabled by the scale and intelligence of the Microsoft Cloud. This allows Intune to deliver stronger device security and compliance as an essential part of a Zero Trust architecture. We are investing in the infrastructure that powers Intune, using data science and AI to further data-driven capabilities, like intelligent automation and remediation. Built into Intune, our advanced management capabilities will help you reduce the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for adjacent solutions and costly cross-product integration projects. Together, our premium solutions will let you do more with Intune: Simplify and centralize tools, bolster security, and reduce the total cost of ownership, delivering better end-user experiences to everyone in your organization. This new advanced endpoint management plan, expected to be generally available in March 2023, will include Remote Help (currently generally available), Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile Application Management (expected to be generally available January 2023), Endpoint Privilege Management (public preview expected early 2023), as well as advanced endpoint analytics, app patching and packaging, and more.

Of course, as IT administrators, you remain in the driver’s seat – and can choose the right path to the cloud for your organization. Configuration Manager will continue to be updated regularly. Customers who use Configuration Manager can benefit from all that’s coming in Intune by connecting to the cloud. Today, device compliance, configuration settings, and endpoint protection are the three most popular Intune workloads used by cloud-connected Configuration Manager devices. General trends show the other workloads are fast to follow once these are set to scale. If you are interested in connecting your tenant to the cloud, Microsoft’s FastTrack can provide deployment assistance at no additional cost for eligible Microsoft 365 customers. You can also find additional resources in this cloud-based Windows management blog.

We’re excited to build the Intune product family and provide your teams with the tools they need to do what they do best – enable everyone in your organization to do the work they love. We understand each organization’s needs and goals will be different, and we’ll be here to support you along the way. After all, our relationships with our customers have gotten us to where we are today. We’ll continue to listen to your feedback and needs to develop our solutions.


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