Flexera expands certification program to include ITAM and FinOps

Flexera expands certification program to include ITAM and FinOps

With 78% of companies citing a lack of expertise as a big challenge, Flexera have now added three new courses to their education program.

Published on 20th November 2023

Flexera have unveiled the broadening of their Flexera Certification program. The expanded program now offers customers a new tier of certifications for ITAM and Cloud Cost Optimization/FinOps, in addition to its established partner certification offerings.

The expanded Flexera Certification program empowers customers to showcase their expertise using Flexera solutions, promoting industry recognition and adherence to best practices in platform operations. For hiring managers, these certifications are a reliable way to identify and recruit qualified resources quickly, streamlining the hiring process for specialized ITAM and FinOps roles. This is important in today’s economy; the Flexera 2023 State of the Cloud report found that 78% of companies cite lack of resources/expertise as a significant challenge.

These certifications were previously only available to partners, now customer practitioners and administrators can earn:

“Flexera Certifications for ITAM and Cloud Cost Optimization aim to validate the skills and knowledge of professionals in efficiently utilizing Flexera’s tools and services,” said Barb Boyer, SVP Global Customer Success, of Flexera. “Our certifications demonstrate to others in the industry that the certification holder has a robust understanding of the Flexera One platform. These certifications are supported by free self service training available via our learning center.”

For more information on the enhanced Flexera Certification program, head to the Flexera community website.


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