Changes to Microsoft Product Terms – July 2024

Changes to Microsoft Product Terms – July 2024

A new month brings new changes to some Microsoft Product Terms - read the summary of the latest amendments to be made.

Published on 3rd July 2024

Privacy & Security Terms

Removed Cortana from Core Online Services and EU Data Boundary Services tables. Added Azure AI Content Safety to Core Online Services list.


Microsoft 365

Added Entra Suite, Private Access, Internet Access, and Secure Access Essentials to Availability Tables and Prerequisite Tables.

Updated the Prerequisite License(s) for Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 in the License Prerequisites table.


Microsoft Azure

Clarifying fixed pricing does not apply to promotions or previews.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services

Added Additional Database Capacity to the Purchasing Minimums table. Added Contact Center to Availability and Prerequisites Tables.


Microsoft Power Platforms

Added Dataverse Database Capacity to the Purchasing Minimums table.


Windows 365

Launch of W365 Cross Region Disaster Recovery (DR) Add-on to the EES, EAEAS, MCA, and MOSA programs.


Student Use Benefits and Academic Programs

Removed Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2 for Student from Student Use Benefit Entitlements by Qualifying Program table.



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