SAM by Job Role

Take a look at some of the roles that need to keep an eye on things.

From the top brass, like your CEOs and CTOs... your middle management and below.

It's not just one person's responsibility

Software asset management is relevant to so many facets of an organisation, and that means the responsibility of maintaining a good SAM programme can’t just fall on the shoulders of one person.

From the very top; right through any hierarchical structure of managers and below, the life cycle of the software that a business chooses to purchase and deploy needs to be carefully monitored by a multitude of workers at varying levels of authority.

Doing so ensures companies meet their contractual and regulatory compliance responsibilities, while maintaining a lean and efficient IT software environment!

So, who needs to keep their eyes on SAM?

CEO / Owner

As the top of the hierarchical tree, you need to ensure that you are reducing your compliance risk and optimising your IT spend without having to spend hours flipping through lengthy reports. With EasySAM’s services, you will receive access to easy-to-navigate Power BI reports with overviews and highlighted areas of concern.

Allowing you to do what you do best by getting a quick understanding of your SAM position and being able to make key business decisions around the information at hand.

Finance / Procurement

As the holder of the company purse strings, you are no doubt very interested in company spend and the slim-lining of processes to make your job and the procurement of software licenses a little easier.

Having good knowledge of what your licensing estate looks like; along with the right people, processes and technology in place, will provide good returns with regards to cost savings and could potentially save the business money in other areas too, like training and end user support.

IT Manager

We know that you are probably juggling a lot of balls, all the time. It’s understandable that SAM may not be at the forefront of your mind; and is more likely to be a niggling item towards the end of your long to-do list. So why not pass along some of that strain?

Investing in EasySAM services, whether it be ad-hoc or as a full time managed service, will free up your and your IT departments time in terms of gathering and crunching any data. What you will get is a clear analysis of your estate along with optimisation and cost saving suggestions from experience licensing specialists. Leaving you time to act on the data and make important BAU decisions without any of the back-breaking work.

Software Asset Manager

Your prerogatives are probably not that different from those of the IT Manager/Director. It might just be you; or you, a small team and a mountain of data & deadlines from stakeholders. Like your IT management colleagues, time is valuable and needs to be spent making business critical decisions and passing on valuable information on to key personnel within the business.

EasySAM are here for when you need us, even if it is to just come in and verify the calculations you’ve already done; or to discuss any issues with regards to licensing you have. Our services are bespoke, so we can be as involved or as ‘sidelined’ as you need us to be. You don’t have to do it all on your own!

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