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Validate the effectiveness of your SAM tools with our comprehensive review

Perfect for those who are:

Concerned with the efficacy of their current SAM tool

On the look out for a new tool to cover their estate

A worker is only as good as their tools

Frustration with inventory and SAM tools is something that comes up frequently in conversation for us. On the flip side, it isn’t often we have an engagement with an end user where we don’t flag gaps in their associated data – even for those that are pleased with their tool of choice. It is for this reason that we offer SAMplicity Tool Check.

We highly recommend this service to not only validate the effectiveness of a tool currently in place (after all, you only know what you know); but also for organisations thinking of making the time-consuming (and potentially expensive) jump to another platform.

Many software tools have similar flaws, and it’s always advisable you look at mending existing infrastructure before you accidentally “throw the baby out with the bath water”.

Our team of analysts will leave no stone unturned...

Estate Coverage/Visibility

Get a true picture of how well your devices are being covered by your chosen tool(s).

Missing Key Datapoints

Including (but not limited to) blank entries for operating systems, makes, models and serial numbers.

Inactivity Investigation

Has a device not reported in for some time because it no longer exists, or is there a bigger problem that needs resolving?

Incorrect Media Deployment

Mistakes happen, but we'll be there to spot them and make sure they don't leave you vulnerable.

Compliance Vulnerabilities

Don't leave yourself exposed to instances of software you don't have licences for.

Power BI Dashboard

You'll get all of our findings in an easily digestible format that can be shared across the business.

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