Want to keep things simple? Let's give your SAM a once-over

Perfect for those who are:

Looking for a one-time review of their SAM estate

Facing an upcoming audit from one or more vendors

An all-in-one package built to put your mind at ease

SAMplicity One, put simply, offers you a reconciliation of what software is deployed versus the license entitlement you own. This will help you identify the financial, contractual and legal risks associated with those assets, but also optimisation and cost saving opportunities.

EasySAM are well placed with the expertise and resources at our disposal to work on the reconciliation with you, which will reduce risks and deliver (potentially significant) cost savings.

We are just as eager to be involved in the optimisation process, which will help you structure your estate in a way that utilises your existing licence entitlement to its full potential, without unnecessary spend.

The project can cover either a single vendor or a selection, and it’s ideal if you’re facing a true up or software/renewal.

A veritable vendor smorgasbord

We cover a whole range of vendors, from the mainstream to the more niche organisations out there.

Some examples of the more popular software vendors that customers choose to focus on are:

What do you get from the process?

We'll put together all of these deliverables for you

Estate Review
& Gap Analysis

An overview of your data sources, devices and software; plus any identified gaps.

Effective Licence
Position (ELP)

A review of the balance between licence entitlement and software deployment.

Second Hand
Resale Report

A list of applicable surplus licences and a quote for their potential resale value.


The key notes from the review, including recommendations for going forward.

And the benefits just keep coming...

on Investment

Of up to 20% of
your software spend.

Negotiating Power

When entering
or renewing agreements.

Less Attractive
for Audits

You'll be lower down the
targeted list for vendors.


For any audits you do find
yourself going through.

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