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Licensing School provide a new approach to learning and understanding the rules around Microsoft software licensing. Their aim is to surface useful and timely information around software licensing, and to underpin this with relevant and up to date resources.

As software licensing continues to become more flexible, it also becomes more complex.

Licensing School have built a reputation on developing training materials and resources which remove complexity and deliver simple and clear explanations to help you to really understand licensing.

The Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2021 Book and Exam

Microsoft sell a wide range of products across traditional software, Online Services and Azure, and there are a substantial number of agreements that customers can purchase them through.

With so many different products, the rules for how you acquire licences for the these are often diverse, complicated; and can differ dependent on how the licences are purchased.

The licensing information for all of these different products and agreements is spread across many documents and websites, and this makes it really difficult to find them when you need them, let alone learn try and learn the rules.

Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2021 Book

Licensing School created their Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2021 Book to collate licensing information across all of Microsoft's products; and all of the ways you can buy them.

This book is a perfect resource to teach yourself about the licensing of the products, or it can be used as a reference guide when you need an answer to a question that crops up.

The content has been carefully curated – with a desire to make it as complete as possible without making it overwhelming. With an almost universal coverage of licensing information contained within it, no question is likely to go unanswered.

To view the table of contents, click here.

Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2021 Exam

Want to prove that you've got the knowledge? That's where the Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2021 Exam comes in.

Licensing School have created their exam to enable you to demonstrate that you’ve got a great knowledge of Microsoft licensing across all of their products and services - and all the different ways that they can be purchased.

The exam is a closed-book assessment, delivered by Prometric - a leading provider of technology-enabled testing solutions. You can choose to take it at one of their testing centres, or remotely proctored in your own workplace.

Pass the exam, and you’ll receive a Credly digital badge to share the achievement with others.

For an in depth description of the exam, click here.

They offer a load of useful free stuff too...

The Little Black Book of Licensing Gotchas

This pocket sized book details 10 of the top Microsoft Licensing Gotchas which you may unwittingly fall foul of.

If you are about to start an IT project in your organisation, or are responsible for licensing compliance, this is a useful reference to have to hand.

The 'Common Room' and 'Licensing Lore & Law' Blogs

A constant stream of useful tips, announcements and updates from the world of Microsoft licensing that you can't afford to miss out on.

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Microsoft Licensing Guides

Microsoft produce some great licensing guides, but they are not always easy to find. So Licensing School have gathered them all together in one place – how convenient!

And if you ever find a guide that's missing from their collection, just let them know and they'll add it in.

'Get Licensing Ready' Handouts

There are some really useful handouts on Microsoft's 'Get Licensing Ready' portal. To make it easier for you to find these quickly, without the need to visit each module, Licensing School have put them all together in one place.

If you are not familiar with Get Licensing Ready, then why not take a look and perhaps work towards a licensing certification?

Licensing Videos

More of a visual learner? Not to worry! Alongside their books, text guides and blog posts, Licensing School also do a variety of useful videos.

Follow their YouTube channel to get the latest videos as they're released.

Looking to attend a course instead?

Licensing School offer a range of scheduled courses, both in person and online, as well as other events related to licensing.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, they’re always happy to arrange some bespoke training – at a time and place that suits you.

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