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Looking to gain visibility of Office 365 usage

Wanting to secure a cost saving for their organisation

Get proactive with those inactive accounts

Microsoft’s Office 365 has become the de-facto standard for office applications. However, most organisations are failing to get the maximum return on their investment. Especially those with high leavers and joiner figures, or perhaps even just poor processes in those areas.

This can lead to large portions of wasted revenue in the form of inactive accounts. Pulling this information yourself can be confusing, as there are so many different reports and metrics to consider.

During your health check, you will see how many accounts are truly inactive and how much revenue you could potentially recoup by studying this area in more detail.

Simple and intuitive visibility like never before

Microsoft’s 365 subscriptions are great value, if the full power of the applications are provisioned – but subscription users often end up only using a subset of the features/tools available.

With the aid of a health check, it is easy to identify if a different subscription level would be more appropriate, allowing the scaling back of the requirement and resulting in a cost saving for your organisation.

This FREE service will also help you gain visibility regarding the adoption of other Office 365 applications and features, such as Teams. The review will also identify possible training needs and ensure your organisation is getting the most for their investment.

Quickly identify those problem areas with ease

Inactive Accounts
An unnecessary spend which could be easily re-harvested.
Misaligned Subscriptions
Sometimes a different subscription is just more suitable and cost effective.
Duplicate User Provisions
Why pay double for exactly the same thing?
Poor Product Adoption
You want to get the most for what you're paying for.
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We did mention that it's free right?

Zero. Zilch. Nada. That’s what you can expect to pay – and in return, we’ve helped clients who have used the service identify on average £8,000 worth of annual savings. That’s a figure not to be sniffed at.

All we need is read-only access to your 365 environment, which can be set up in less than 20 minutes. Don’t worry, we’ve got detailed instructions to guide you through the process; and we’re more than happy to lend a helping hand over a call if needed.

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