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View your entire IT landscape with RayVentory

IT landscapes are subject to constant change, making it increasingly difficult for companies to maintain transparency. The multitude of hardware and software applications as well as geographically distributed branches ensure that a holistic overview of the IT landscape (internal, hosted and cloud) can‘t be guaranteed.

RayVentory solves this challenge with the flexible inventory methods (agent-based or agentless), an integrated ETL technology and combines differently structured data from various sources in a central data management platform.

This not only makes the information completely transparent, but also provides it in a targeted manner and with the required level of detail. This provides various stakeholders with a basis for deriving high-quality information, which is a prerequisite for making well-founded decisions: The central of all data.

The main highlights

One Central Solution

The integration of different data sources (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and on-premises) as well as the preparation of clear dashboards and reports are core functionalities of their Technology Asset Inventory.

Due to the high flexibility and autonomy, you achieve a fully comprehensive overview of your IT infrastructure - such as information about your IT devices as well as your cloud and SaaS usage, in the shortest possible time.

SaaS Management

In contrast to the on-premises world, where all relevant data resides on servers, data discovery in the cloud is much more challenging for enterprises.

By integrating numerous Software-as-a-service (SaaS) connectors, RayVentory gives you the ability to discover your cloud data whilst flexibly managing and optimising it in a single solution.

Scan Technologies

With the help of flexible inventory technologies (agent-based, remote, portable, zero touch), RayVentory enables both centralised and decentralised hardware discovery and software inventory in your IT infrastructure.

In addition to classic clients and servers, physical host systems and databases up to industrial machines and sensor data are also recorded.

ETL Technology

The integration of different data sources as well as the preparation of clear dashboards and reports are core functionalities of their Technology Asset Inventory solution. It offers you sustainable Data & SaaS Management.

The integrated ETL technology describes the process of three individual steps (Extract, Transform, Load), with which data from different data sources can be integrated into a target data base.

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