Making your Everywhere Workplace possible

Perfect if you need a tool where you can:

See, manage, configure and secure every device from one simple user interface

Gain insights to make better decisions that result in a faster and more personalised service

See it all. Secure it all. Everywhere.

See, manage, configure and secure every device from one simple user interface. That’s the power of Ivanti’s Unified Endpoint Management. It gives you the ability to enforce policy and privileges everywhere in a few clicks, and discover and patch threats predictively and quickly. The result: better user experiences, and zero compromise on protection.

You’ll also get insights to make better decisions that result in faster, more personalised service, while empowering teams to do their best work on the devices and apps they love— without compromising security.

Endpoint management is evolving

As more organisations continue moving to hybrid work environments, endpoint security and management has never been more critical to both IT staff and employees. With Ivanti Endpoint Manager, have peace of mind knowing you can manage your modern device fleet in the Anywhere Workplace.

Remote Control

With remote control you can analyse systems, resolve problems, and reduce desk-side visits.

User Profile Management

Users and their profiles move easily between machines and experience fast logon times.

Dashboards and Reporting

Integrate business and IT data into visual dashboards—no coding or BI experts needed.

Mobile Device Management

Manage and secure Windows and Mac devices from one console with easy enrolment and policy management.

Integrated Patching and Endpoint Security

Automate OS and application patching, whilst isolating and remediating security threats to stay secure and keep your endpoints up-to-date.

OS Provisioning, Migrations, and Updates

Quickly migrate or deploy the latest Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems - and automate the rapid-paced, continual updates.

Software Distribution

Target user groups or provide an app store experience - downloads software automatically to the correct devices.

Discovery and Data Normalisation

Discover devices and software on those devices, then normalise data for better reporting.

Mac Management

Experience complete macOS management from inventory to software, OS deployment, patch and modern management.

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SAMplicity MOT

Just like you would with your vehicle each year, get an annual check up of your software asset management programme.

SAMplicity One

A simple, one-time reconciliation of the software you have deployed versus the licence entitlement you own.

SAMplicity Plus

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