Maximise your Microsoft investment with the Surveil platform

Perfect if you need a tool that will:

Turn cloud wastage into usage with intelligence-backed strategies

Take your optimisation journey beyond just short-term cost savings

Digital Transformation for a New World

Established in 2009, ITEXACT are global IT consulting and cloud asset management experts. Their innovative solutions are secured to full ISO 27001 standards, through the use of world-leading tools, data centres and cloud solutions.

They help organisations to facilitate valuable digital transformation activities, get a handle on their licensing, and realise the true potential of their Microsoft estate.

From clear dashboards on their Surveil platform, to getting you started on consulting, they try to keep things simple – providing you with the tangible recommendations and skills needed to get the job done.

Smart Cloud Optimisation and Microsoft Management

Utilise their Surveil platform to optimise, secure and control your Microsoft 365 and Azure environments – with deep analytics, powered by AI and presented in clear dashboards.

Beyond cost optimisation

Take your optimisation journey beyond short-term cost savings, with cost control, allocation, governance, and continuous improvement.

Deep analytics

Surveil's AI-driven insights are far-reaching and outpace existing admin portals - surfacing deep analytics without difficulty.

Turn cloud wastage into usage

Cloud sprawl and resource wastage are a thing of the past, with intelligence-backed strategies and greater control over the Microsoft investment.

Embolden FinOps activity

Take your FinOps strategy to the next level with greater visibility over your cloud estate, resources, and expenditure.

Your global experts

They've gathered Microsoft experts from around the world - ready to support your digital transformation, FinOps, and optimisation strategies.

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A simple health check of what's being used across your Office 365 estate in this FREE, Microsoft backed and easy to setup review.

SAMplicity Cloud

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SAMplicity MOT

Just like you would with your vehicle each year, get an annual check up of your software asset management programme.

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