Block 64

Comprehensive IT asset discovery and analytics - no agents required.

Perfect if you need a SAM tool with:

Fast, easy deployment with agentless discovery

Comprehensive data collection processed by AI-driven accuracy

Asset management for modern IT

Block 64 are a unique technology and services company focused on helping organisations make the right decisions in software licensing, infrastructure management and cloud migration.

Founded in 2012 and located in Toronto, Canada, their value proposition has resonated with partners around the globe including leading major public cloud providers, resellers, ISVs, and clients of all sizes and industries.

Their technology provides deep insight into your on-premise and hybrid cloud infrastructure. With real-time data, they provide actionable strategies that accelerate cloud adoption, reduce risk, and save money.

What you can expect from them

Low-impact and agentless discovery

Most discovery tools require an agent to be installed on every endpoint, which is time consuming and unreliable. Their agentless discovery appliance leaves no trace and consumes less bandwidth than watching a YouTube video.

Fast, easy deployment

Their software can be deployed as a Windows application or virtual appliance on the platform of your choice. Configuration is simple and takes less than 30 minutes.

Comprehensive data collection

If the device has an IP address and is on the network, they'll capture it. Servers, desktops, laptops, route/switch, Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac; Hyper-V, VMWare, get the idea.

AI-driven accuracy

Leveraging AI and machine learning to process vast amounts of asset data ensures continuously improving accuracy and usability of information for customers.

Purpose-built for hybrid IT

All technology is built in-house by industry experts with decades of experience solving real-world IT and software asset management problems.

Top notch security

Fully anonymised and encrypted, they only ever collect relevant asset and performance data - without ever storing sensitive or personal information (all GDPR compliant, of course).

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A great fit for any of these services

SAMplicity Cloud

An add-on to our SAMplicity One, MOT and Plus offerings, quickly diagnose your ability to migrate your resources to the cloud.

SAMplicity MOT

Just like you would with your vehicle each year, get an annual check up of your software asset management programme.

SAMplicity One

A simple, one-time reconciliation of the software you have deployed versus the licence entitlement you own.

SAMplicity Plus

A regularly scheduled analysis of your organisation's estate, specifically adapted to your needs and budget.

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