VMware’s end-user compute community told to brace for ‘Omnissa’ shift

VMware’s end-user compute community told to brace for ‘Omnissa’ shift

Cloud hosts have been given short license change deadlines; with customers warned of support portal brownouts.

Published on 26th April 2024

VMware by Broadcom’s breakup with its end-user compute products will enter a new phase next week, with cloudy service providers and customers both warned of imminent changes.

Service providers who offer the old VMware’s Horizon range as a service have the worst of it, with an e-mail advising them that they have two choices. One is to acquire licenses for VMware Cloud Foundation and fresh licenses for Horizon, a choice that won’t require architectural changes but will mean paying for Broadcom’s big software bundle that has come in for much criticism over its price.

The second option is acquiring licenses to VMware vSphere Foundation for VDI from a distributor and reselling them to clients. That path will require architectural changes.

It is understood that these options were announced in recent weeks on a conference call, and gave those impacted scant time to make a choice and/or change, but offered the chance to apply for an exception.

But a more recent communication from VMware by Broadcom advised that the systems used to manage exemptions will go offline from April 30th.

That deadline left cloudy Horizon hosts with not many few working days to get their affairs in order if they wished to continue their services.

Customers, meanwhile, were last Monday told that the sale of VMware’s end-user products to KKR will see a migration of portals through which they access customer service and training. From April 30th to May 6th, the customer connect portal used will be “limited or read-only. A learning portal will be offline entirely.

When then portals return, they’ll be branded “Omnissa” – the name that was tipped to be the new moniker for the end-user products.

VMware by Broadcom confirmed the name on Thursday, revealing that it “originated from a rigorous process that included our employees, customers, and partners”. Those folk were asked to describe end-user computing and the word Omnissa is the result.

Apparently, the word also has qualities including:

That it was not a trademark held by anyone else probably helped too.

An Omnissa website will debut on May 6th.


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