Snow Software introduces new technology intelligence suite

Snow Software introduces new technology intelligence suite

New offerings enable customers to tackle the challenges and opportunities posed by cloud shift and digital transformation initiatives

Published on 16th July 2019

Snow Software, the global leader in technology intelligence solutions, today announced a new suite of offerings to better empower customers to address their growing IT operations, cloud shift and digital transformation challenges. This new set of offerings is aligned to strategic business outcomes, providing customers with product choices that will better meet their unique needs now and in the future.

“The market has evolved to a point where simply managing software, hardware or cloud services as singular elements creates limited value for organizations,” said Vishal Rao, President and CEO at Snow. “Customers want a complete view of their technology ecosystem as they launch digital transformation initiatives, migrate key services to the cloud, optimize cloud spend and manage risk. Snow’s new technology intelligence suite uniquely addresses these changing needs by building on our expertise as a leading software asset management provider while simplifying our offering to better align with business outcomes. Today’s announcement sets the foundation for future innovation, not only for Snow but also for our customers as they continue to adapt to an everchanging technology landscape.”

The rapid adoption of cloud technologies has broken down traditional siloes, allowing organizations to implement a mixture of software, hardware, SaaS and IaaS solutions that have accelerated their business performance. This shift to the cloud and hybrid technologies has also introduced new challenges, ranging from application sprawl to compliance risks, putting a premium on the ability to quickly understand and efficiently operate across the entire technology ecosystem. As IT teams confront these challenges, Snow is evolving its platform to place complete visibility and manageability at its core, and better serve the new realities and potentials of the digital enterprise.

With Snow’s new product suite, customers will be able to:


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