Licensing School announce ‘Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2021 Exam’

Licensing School announce ‘Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2021 Exam’

Having created the Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2021 Book, there's now an exam where you can demonstrate a good grasp of the key licensing topics.

Published on 30th November 2021

Why take this exam?

Achieving a pass in the Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2021 Exam demonstrates that you’ve got a great knowledge of Microsoft licensing across on-premises products, Online Services and Azure services, and all the different ways that customers can buy them. When you pass the exam you’ll receive a Credly digital badge to share your achievement with others.

What does the exam cover?

The exam tests across six different areas:

You can download a detailed syllabus here.

Who is the exam aimed at?

The exam is aimed at anyone who wants to demonstrate a great knowledge of Microsoft licensing. This includes:

What’s the format of the exam?

There are four sections in the exam. The first three sections are designed to test your knowledge of how Microsoft’s products are licensed and sold, and the last section tests your application of that knowledge with two scenarios which you read and then answer questions on.

Several different question types are used in the exam ranging from typing in a numerical answer to a variety of multiple-choice type questions.

You have 90 minutes to answer 61 questions in the exam.

How should I prepare to take the exam?

This exam tests the knowledge in our Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2021 book, ( so reading and understanding the topics in this book will ensure that you have the right information to pass the exam. You may also want to use Get Licensing Ready to help in your preparation (

Other exam preparation materials will be available soon.

If I retake the exam will it be the same?

The exam will always test the same areas but is unlikely to present the same questions. The chance of you getting exactly the same exam if you retake it is (and we’re estimating here) 1 in a trillion.

How long is the exam valid for?

The Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2021 Exam does not expire, but it is associated with a year: 2021. When the 2022 exam is released you will need to take that exam to demonstrate that your licensing knowledge remains up-to-date.

Does this exam replace the Microsoft MCP 70-705 Exam?

It doesn’t. This exam is created and offered by Licensing School, an independent Microsoft licensing consultancy with a huge amount of experience of Microsoft licensing. The Microsoft MCP 70-705 was designed to check the understanding of specific licensing scenarios which were most likely to be encountered by Microsoft’s LSPs as well as to provide a focus on what Microsoft wanted the partner channel to prioritise selling.

Our exam is designed to check a much wider knowledge of licensing, and it is not driven by any specific positioning or initiatives; it just helps people to demonstrate that they have a really good understanding of Microsoft licensing. Our exam will be updated annually, so you will not need to learn or understand outdated licensing constructs or products just to pass the exam.

Do I need to pass this exam if I’ve completed the Get Licensing Ready modules?

Get Licensing Ready is a great learning platform for Microsoft licensing, and the exams help you to check that you’ve got a good understanding of a particular topic. However, in real life, you need  to be able to answer questions on a variety of products, often in a single conversation, as well as apply your knowledge to specific scenarios. The Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge Exam is a great way to prove that you can recall the knowledge you need in day to day life, as well as apply it.

GLR is also an open-book platform which means that the unscrupulous can achieve passes in exams without having the actual knowledge required. The Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge Exam takes things a step further: it’s an exam taken in a proctored environment, which means that you can genuinely prove your licensing knowledge.

Where can I take the exam?

We have partnered with Prometric, a leading provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment solutions, and you can choose to take the exam in one of their testing centres, or remotely proctored in your own workplace. You can find a list of Prometric test centres here.

If you would like to schedule your exam remotely, you need to first ensure your computer meets the technical specifications, using this link. For more information about remotely proctored exams, review the ProProctor User Guide, which you can find here.

How much will it cost?

The exam fee, for either the remotely proctored or test centre exam, is £100 + the standard UK VAT rate which is currently 20%.

If you are purchasing the exam from within the UK:

If you are purchasing the exam from within the UK (as an individual or as a business), you will be charged UK VAT. If a business is VAT registered, then the VAT can be claimed back by the business.

If you are purchasing the exam from within the EU:

Businesses: If you are purchasing the exam as a business from any of the countries within the EU, and the business is registered for VAT in the purchasing country, then please email so that we can set you up not to pay UK VAT.

Consumers: If you are purchasing the exam as an individual (not from within a business) then you will be charged UK VAT at 20%.

If you are purchasing the exam from the rest of the world:

If you are purchasing from anywhere else, you will not be charged UK VAT.

How do I pay for and book an exam?

You need to purchase a voucher code from the Licensing School website. When you receive your order confirmation email you’ll find two links which go to the Prometric website to schedule your exam at a test centre, or using the remotely proctored experience. You follow the Prometric process and at the final step, when you are asked for payment, you supply the voucher code that you purchased from us.

Note that the amount shown on the Prometric website (£120) may not match the amount you paid for your voucher code (if you do not have to pay UK VAT for example). Don’t worry about this – the system is clever enough to process your booking seamlessly. You should feel free to email if you want to talk through this process.

Can I cancel or reschedule an exam?

You can cancel or reschedule an exam with no charge, up to 30 days before the original scheduled date – see the section below on how to do this. If you need to make changes between 5 and 29 days before the scheduled date, you may do this, but you must pay a fee of £20 directly to Prometric.

You cannot make any changes less than 5 days before the scheduled date and, if you cannot make your appointment, you will forfeit the fee you have paid.

How do I cancel or reschedule an exam?

If your exam appointment is more than 5 days away you can change or cancel your exam date or time. Simply use the links below, or contact Prometric’s automated voice response system at 1-800-864-5257 (in North America) between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. US Eastern time only. Note that all exam schedule changes must be made directly with Prometric online or by phone. A voice mail message is not an acceptable form of requesting an appointment be rescheduled or cancelled.

To reschedule your exam:

You will need your confirmation number, which will have been sent to you when you originally scheduled the exam

If you need to reschedule your remotely proctored exam, please use this link

If you need to reschedule your test centre based exam, please use this link

To cancel your exam:

You will need your confirmation number, which will have been sent to you when you originally scheduled the exam

If you need to cancel your exam, please use this link



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