Have you lost track of your IT equipment since COVID changed the office landscape?

Have you lost track of your IT equipment since COVID changed the office landscape?

Leading asset management firm Capital estimates that the majority of businesses don't know where over 25% of their IT assets are.

Published on 15th March 2021

While technology and strategies put in place can make life a lot easier, it can still be a huge challenge for any company to know where their IT equipment is at all times. This is especially so when it moves around, which is exactly what happened in March 2020.

With the announcement that the world was fighting a pandemic, almost all of the global workforce (those who could anyway) made a transition to work from home and with them, went the necessary computer equipment.

Due to this, a huge amount of companies have lost track of their IT equipment and are struggling to locate their entire estate as a result. The only way to rectify this however, is through an effective asset management system.

The Benefits of Asset Management Services

1. Saving time and money

Whether you rely solely on continuously updated spreadsheets or dedicate one or more people to tracking your IT equipment, it’s almost a certainty that you could save money with an alternative method. Spreadsheets become outdated fast and by asking members of your own team, you’re simply taking them away from their own tasks. With a dedicated team to carry out your asset management for you, you’ll discover every item within your estate without your staff ever leaving their position.

2. More detailed reports

Any asset management service worth their salt will provide you with detailed reports showcasing the equipment you have within your estate along with it’s location, who it’s with and it’s condition, whether it’s in your office or with a remote worker. You may even see hardware (and software) that you may have forgotten about altogether – which will help you avoid spending money on duplicate resources.

3. Locate items outside of your network

With a dedicated team and software, it’ll be more possible to locate equipment even if it isn’t on your network. Whether you have a multi-site company or have almost all of your equipment with at-home workers, finding out the location of every single item will be a breeze.


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