An introduction to Cloud Asset Management

An introduction to Cloud Asset Management

What is cloud asset management, or CAM? And how can CAM help organisations manage cloud assets?

Published on 30th November 2017

The proliferation of Cloud is only set to continue, with predictions suggesting that over 80% of IT budgets will to be committed to Cloud apps and solutions by mid-2018.

However with such a high proportion of costs assigned to Cloud, it is becoming increasingly important that organisations are fully in control and realising all the benefits whilst avoiding any unexpected pain.

The challenges of Cloud

We’re fully aware of the numerous advantages of Cloud computing; from increased flexibility, agility and speed, to cost and operational efficiencies, the benefits are well documented. However there are also some significant accompanying challenges which need to be heeded.

The ease with which business units can now access SaaS, PaaS and IaaS can create visibility, awareness and control issues for IT departments. This gap between what IT Managers think they know about their IT estate and what is actually true, increases risk and cost.

This in turn creates new challenges from a licensing management perspective. Whilst concerns around compliance may not go away completely, the focus shifts to optimisation and understanding what software is being used when, where, how, and by whom.

The particular challenges of managing Cloud license metrics necessitate an alternative approach, quite distinct from that traditionally applied to manage on-prem licensing models. Trying to piggy-back a Cloud license management solution on top of one specifically designed to manage an on-prem license challenge is just wrong. They are very different and, as such, need different solutions. It isn’t a generic, on-size-fits-all scenario.

There are some key questions which will determine whether or not your Cloud strategy has a stormy outlook:

Addressing the challenges with Cloud Asset Management

Traditional software asset management (SAM) solutions focused on managing the lifecycle of software assets and associated on-prem licensing models. However, given the associated complexities of Cloud and managing cloud assets, it isn’t appropriate to simply extend that approach to accommodate Cloud.

The challenges of Cloud necessitate an alternative approach, quite distinct from traditional SAM. Welcome to the era of Cloud Asset Management, or CAM.

Benefits of Cloud Asset Management (CAM)

An effective CAM program should successfully address the above questions and deliver a host of benefits, including:


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