Coffee Talk with TBSC | 11th May 2021

Coffee Talk with TBSC | 11th May 2021

Join us with our partners TBSC to chat around the 5 main ways that you might be catching yourself out when it comes to SaaS.

Although non-compliance is less of a worry in the SaaS (and PaaS) environments of today, a new money-hungry problem has spawned from this convenience. Environments like Microsoft’s Azure and Office365, and Adobe’s Enterprise Dashboard easily accumulate legacy accounts and subscriptions that have fallen short of existing processes and remain consuming budget year on year. Join us as we join our partners TBSC to chat around the 5 main ways that you might be catching yourself out.

Host of this talk will be our very own May Turnbull, who brings a wealth of knowledge regarding the SAM industry to the table, with 11 years’ experience under her belt in on-premise and SaaS offerings.

After joining EasySAM in 2015, her passion for SAM Compliance and Optimisation has seen her progress from a Senior Software Asset Management Consultant to current day Director. May sees the new SaaS climate as something easily mis-managed and therefore believes that the average organisation can see more than the 30% Gartner suggested savings if your SaaS is managed well and she is in a great position to share some tips and tricks with anyone that can benefit.

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