Who has what equipment in your estate?

Who has what equipment in your estate?

Without a functioning hardware asset management programme in place to help you keep track, you're unlikely to ever truly know

Published on 15th August 2021

Keeping track of assets is a fundamental part of life, since the very beginning of time. Ever since the concept of ownership arose, we as a species have been assigning a value to our items and thus needing to know their physical location in order for us to retain ownership and subsequently retrieve that item at a later date.

This essentially, is the same for companies all around the world who need to keep track of commercial items, such as their IT equipment. Businesses need to know, in fact they have a responsibility to know where their inventory is and they do so via inventory management. Not only does this protect them from loss, but also ensures they avoid problems such as data leaks etc.

While technology can indeed make this job a whole lot easier, it can still be a rather arduous task, finding each and every piece of equipment, unless of course, you have the people-power and the software to carry out regular hardware asset management.

The Benefits Of Asset Management

Effective asset management plans allow a company to keep track of all of their valuables at any one time. Ask a company who isn’t carrying out regular asset management, where the equipment is within their estate and we guarantee they’ll be huge discrepancies between where they believe their equipment is and where it actually is, as well as the list of equipment they believe they own itself.

Thankfully, with the right asset management plan in place, you needn’t worry. With a regular asset management appraisal, both physical asset management and remote asset management, you’ll be able to know where your equipment is, but even who is in possession of your equipment that may currently be outside of your network.

Detailed Reporting Puts You In Control

With all asset management services, you’ll be provided with detailed reports, summarising all equipment within your estate (even those items you may have forgotten about) as well as information showcasing where they are and who has them.

That includes tracking down all items within your ownership, even those that may be outside of your approved locations, currently with at-home workers who may not be on the network.

So next time someone asks you, “Who has what equipment in your estate?” – you’ll have the answers to hand.

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