Building a business case for Software Asset Management

Building a business case for Software Asset Management

Fresh from hosting our recent webinar, our SAM Manager May Turnbull turns her attention to some key motivations to include in your business case.

Published on 23rd September 2020

Off the back of my recent webinar training session ‘Main Drivers for Software Asset Management’, I thought it would be helpful to list out some key motivations to include in your business case around SAM:

1. SAM is intrinsically linked to all areas of the business

For many decades, SAM has been treated as separate to Business-As-Usual IT functions. What a lot of business’s have realised of late is that it is a very integrated part of the business and a poor SAM program can bring even the largest business to its knees. If your business has already invested heavily in adopting frameworks like ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) around ITSM (IT Service Management), it must quickly realise that this can’t be effective without a good SAM program alongside it.

2. Effective SAM can reduce IT costs

Gartner has in the past declared that businesses can save up to 30% on their IT costs in the first year of implementing an effective SAM program. EasySAM usually expect that these savings would be heightened for any hosted platforms you may be entertaining.

3. A SAM programme can limit business and legal risk

UK legislature protects intellectual property rights, including software, and a break of these rights can result in things like fines, confiscation of assets or even up to 10 years in jail (CEO’s beware!). You will also find that the rights to annual audits are likely to be incorporated into many of your software agreements and an audit from a manufacturer where software assets have been poorly managed, can result in millions of pounds.

4. SAM streamlines IT support and increases end-user satisfaction

A convenient by-product of a mature SAM program is standardization. Standardization is proven to do things like reduce IT and end-user training requirements, but also provide a platform for easier support, streamlining the support process and as a result keeping end-users happier.

5. You need SAM to reduce security risks

There are quite substantial security risks around things like EOL (End of Life) and pirated software. These are known for producing serious security risks against your network. Without constant review/management of software across your estate, you are leaving the gate open for viruses and hackers alike.

6. Mature SAM can reduce audit risk

Badly managed software assets can more often than not be a red flag when it comes to unwanted attention from your software manufacturers. Not only can audits on a poorly managed estate be costly, but also a huge inconvenience when it comes to time; taking much needed expertise and attention from other projects. 

7. With SAM you have better use of agreements, licences and their benefits

One of the major benefits of SAM is optimization. Certainly, in terms of cost savings, but also in terms of making use of the benefits and offerings that your current commitments offer you. Many an organization doesn’t make use of things like Training Vouchers, Technical Support, DR/Failover rights etc. that come part and parcel of their licensing package.

Now of course, each one of these sections can be broken out and elaborated upon. What might also help your motivation would be a baseline of your most proliferated manufacturer/s, where the projected savings and benefits are company specific and not based on case studies. This can often be done without huge investment and these services often pay for themselves.

I wish you all the best of luck drawing up those Business Cases! If you need any further information or assistance, be sure to get in touch.

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