Avoid double purchasing & reassign unused devices within your estate

Avoid double purchasing & reassign unused devices within your estate

Read what leading asset management firm Capital have to say and avoid paying twice for something you already own

Published on 15th December 2021

In any organisation, a company will assign not only devices but licenses for software to certain users or employees. By doing so, you give access to the necessary software or company information to the employee or member of staff who needs it in order to carry out their role. Not only can you track information with regards to who has access but you can essentially pay for who needs it and save money by not paying for those who don’t.

The question is, what happens when devices become unused? Devices can become unused for any number of reason. They become out of date, they become unneeded or the employee in question leaves the company.

When this happens, to help your company save costs, you can reassign unused licenses and unused devices to another person within your workforce. This is a great way of avoiding extra costs, however for it to work, quality asset management needs to be in place, with regular IT estate verification.

Without this, your company will, like thousands of other businesses out there, fall into the trap of double purchasing – increasing costs when not necessary.

Asset Management & Hardware Verification Is Key

Double purchasing accounts for a significant amount of financial loss for many companies. Yet with the right asset management in place, it needn’t happen at all. It’s no surprise that to get the best out of your IT estate and avoid double purchasing completely, you need to manage your devices in order to ensure everything is being used as it should be.

By utilising the services of an asset management firm, you’ll ensure all devices are assigned to the correct users, detecting any assigned devices throughout the process.

This will mean all devices are being used in the most efficient manner and to the maximum of their capabilities – with the information you need to not only avoid double purchasing costs, but ensure you get the maximum lifecycle and usage out of all devices and software licenses moving forward.

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